The P-Dock® - the benchmark winning system

The P-Dock® system provides high flexibility on the test floor, offering one solution for all tester, handler and wafer prober integrations.  P-Dock® can be mounted on the tester, prober or handler side; the system is optionally offered with a Z-axis adjustment ranging between 20 mm and 50 mm, maintaining an accuracy of  10 µm.


  • Small footprint
  • Easy operation
  • Accurate adjustment and excellent repeatability
  • Pre-lock operation for easy docking
  • Fast and flexible set-up to various testers
  • Low Z-stack height
  • Suitable for all tester configurations
  • Compatible to all OEM dockings
  • Smart guiding concept
Dimensions Diameter 112mm; Height 31,5mm
Weight Weight 0.65 kg per module
Required media compressed air
Docking force 200 - 2000 N per module